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Golwel Security ServicesGolwel Security ServicesGolwel Security Services

What We Do

What We Do

We are in the business of providing excellent physical protection to organizations and individuals who contract our services.

Our 24-hour security plan covers the protection of both internal and external assets across many industries including government, industrial and commercial establishments.

We have tailor-made security services for private residences, banks, hotels, guest houses, car park entries and exit points for vehicles and individuals.

List of Services

Man Guarding
Bullion Van Service
Electronic Security
Security Consultants
Vehicle Tracking
Cyber Security
Emergency Alert
Investigation Unit

What We Do

Members of Golwel Security Services man guards goes through a rigorous and intensive training and is followed up by specialized site-specific training which also includes frequent on job training, and continued efforts upgrading their skill sets.
Our Guards are thoroughly vetted by the Ghana Police and equipped to deliver effect and effective security service.

Our team of highly trained staff understand the minutiae of all levels of security work.  We also provide well trained guards to provide security at social events which may include; Promotional Events, Cooperate events and Parties, Funerals, Out-Door Events among others. These personnel are trained to be able to handle situations like traffic control, crowd control, events seating, access control etc.

The presence of our guards will make your guest feel safe.

We hereby propose to take all reasonable precautions to safeguard all property to be guarded by GOLWEL SECURITY SERVICES LIMITED by providing an effective and adequate security services tailored to suit the client’s request and needs.

Motto:  Service with excellence.